New Welsh Assembly campaign to drop oath to Queen

5 May 2016

The new Welsh Assembly - elected today - will be petitioned to introduce a new oath of allegiance for Assembly Members.

Campaign group Republic has launched a new campaign to call for Assembly Members to pledge allegiance to the people of Wales, rather than the Queen.

A petition has been set up, calling on the Assembly to:

"Establish a new oath of allegiance for Members of National Assembly of Wales, one that pledges allegiance to the people of Wales, not to the Queen."

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:

"When we witness democracy in action, voters across Wales and the rest of the UK freely choosing their representatives, it is galling to think we still pledge allegiance to a monarch."

"The people of Wales elect Assembly Members, so it should be to the people of Wales that members owe their allegiance."

"This isn't just symbolic, it affects the political culture in Cardiff and London.  As Assembly Members prepare to take their oath it's time to talk about why they should pledge their allegiance to the people, not to the Queen."

"We need to instil a truly democratic culture in our parliaments and assemblies.  At the moment the oath taken by Assembly Members makes no mention of Wales or the voters at all."

"We know Westminster will need to agree any change, but the Welsh Assembly can take a lead on this issue.  That's why we're asking people to sign the petition and demand a change of oath."

The petition is being run through the 38 Degrees website and can be found at