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It’s #Lab14 – a message for @Ed_Miliband

23 September 2014

Whatever side you took in the referendum, the debate that’s followed is a real opportunity to put the republican case.

This is now much wider than the question of Scottish independence. It’s about who has power, how they get it and how they’re held to account. It’s about the growing divide between the political establishment and ordinary voters.

The monarchy must not be off-limits

Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised a constitutional convention to deal with these issues, bringing MPs and councillors together with ordinary citizens.

Republic welcomes that pledge. But there’s no point in having a constitutional convention if the very heart of our constitution – the monarchy – is off-limits.

So I’m asking you to write to Ed Miliband today, calling on him to promise that everything will be up for discussion – including the monarchy and the Crown.

By making the monarchy part of the debate, Ed Miliband would show he is serious about constitutional change.

You can contact Ed Miliband by emailing (click on the email address and you'll find a template message that you can personalise).

If you’re a Labour Party member, or are considering voting for Labour in the next election, be sure to tell him.

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