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If Charles wants a voice the people must have a vote

23 May 2014

Prince Charles has to keep his opinions to himself if he wants to remain in line to the throne, Republic has said.  In response to remarks Charles made about Russia's president Putin Republic has said that if Charles wants to express his views freely then the people must be allowed to decide if they want him as head of state.

The remarks were branded 'crass and inappropriate' by Republic's CEO Graham Smith during media interviews this week. Charles has also been accused of hypocrisy in attacking Putin given his own cosy relationships with Middle Eastern dictators.

Graham Smith said:

"The deal with the monarchy is that in return for privilege, status and influence the royals keep out of politics and keep their views to themselves.  That's the basis of a constitutional monarchy. Charles is breaking that deal so the people need the opportunity to decide if they want Charles to be head of state."

"Of course Charles should be free to speak his mind - just as the people should be free to choose who represents them on the international stage.  It's really that simple and this incident just highlights the nonsense of the monarchy."

"Charles wants unfettered and secretive access to ministers, the right to veto new laws where they affect his interests and access to public funds to pay for his private lifestyle.  On top of all that he wants to be given the job of head of state and to speak out on political issues.  What he doesn't want is to be challenged, held to account or asked to stand for election."

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