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Government must come clean on Prince's lobbying

22 August 2011

Republic has called for the publication of all contact between ministers and Prince Charles, or those representing his interests, after an investigation by The Guardian revealed that a number of his charities lobbied the Government on politically sensitive topics including VAT rates and regional development spending.

Charles has charities in education, architecture, the environment and business: essentially a lobby group for every area of his personal interests. It appears he is using these organisations not just to push constitutional boundaries, but in some cases to cross them.

The latest revelations demonstrate the urgent need for greater transparency around Charles's influence. We need to know if ministers are making decisions in the interests of the country, or the interests of Prince Charles.

Republic has long held concerns over Charles's charities. For some background see this Times article from 2009 and this Guardian article from last year.

If you want to help Republic hold Charles - and the ministers he lobbies - to account, please take the following campaign actions:

  1. Write to your MP and ask them to back our call for the publication of all contact between ministers and Prince Charles, or those acting on his behalf.
  2. Write to the BBC - which is not currently covering this story - and ask them to put a report up as soon as possible. This is a major story of immense constitutional significance and there is no good reason for our national broadcaster to ignore it.

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