Fat cat monarchy earns average UK salary in one hour

1 January 2018

Fat Cat Monarchy 2018

So far this year the monarchy has cost taxpayers:


Tweet the current total:

  • The monarchy earns more than the average UK worker by 00:43 on 1st January.
  • At £19.1m per year, each royal earns 670x more than the average UK worker.
  • Taxpayers hand over £10.95 per second to the monarchy (that's 36½ Cadburys Freddos per second)

The monarchy will earn the average UK salary by 00:43 on 1st January 2018.

This follows 2017's 'Fat Cat Wednesday' where FTSE100 bosses were shamed for earning the average UK salary by the 4th of January.

The true cost of the royal family is a massive £345m a year. The royals official grant alone has jumped 145% since 2012, from £31m to £76.1m.  Add to that costs met by councils, revenue from the Duchies and unpaid tax and you can easily see how the royals cost us so much.

That £345m price tag is enough money to pay for 15,000 new teachers or 15,500 new firefighters. 17,000 new police officers could be put on the beat for the cost of Britain's head of state.

The numbers:

  • £ 28,600 - average annual salary
  • £ 345,300,000 - cost of monarchy

The monarchy has earned the average salary by 00:43:32 on New Year's Day.

That works out at a cost of £10.95 per second - equivilent to 36½ Cadburys Freddos per second.

Each working royal, costing taxpayers £19.1m per year, has earned the average salary by 12:17:01 on 1st January.

Republic is calling for the Sovereign Grant to be scrapped and royal funding radically overhauled.

We all know the cost of the royals isn’t the real issue – it is a symptom of a secretive and unaccountable monarchy. But the blatant abuse of public money is an opportunity to challenge the monarchy head on, get MPs and media talking about the issue and raise the profile of the campaign.

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  3. Freddo chocolate bar price 'to rise to 30p' - The Telegraph 

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