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6 reasons to celebrate the Queen's Birthday [updated!]

28 April 2016

Many assume a royal birthday must be a pain for republicans - but the republican campaign has never been stronger. Celebrations are in order.

6 reasons to celebrate the Queen's 90th after all:

1. Epic displays of Great British humility.

A royal event wouldn't be the same without the calm and collected, very British response we have come to know and love.

The Queen's 90th was no different, with David Cameron being very cool about it all. For him, the Queen is simply 'a rock of strength for our nation...and for the whole world’. No big deal.

It's safe to say this approach is not for everyone.

Can someone let me know when all this royal guff is over and it's safe to put the news back on?

— Julia Hartley-Brewer (@JuliaHB1) April 21, 2016

Here we go. Cameron: the queen has been "steadfast." A "Rock of strength." Stand by for many, many many more abstract nouns.

— Tom Peck (@tompeck) April 21, 2016

Cameron's tribute to Queen beyond parody. She's been "Rock of strength for the whole world". #Queenat90 #StopTheReign

— Republic (@RepublicStaff) April 21, 2016

2. The elephant in the room. Democracy.

Corgis and flag waving aside, there is a serious point to be made, and it's a pretty obvious one: democracy.

The Queen has been head of state for this long for one reason: she has never had to face election. #StopTheReign

— Republic (@RepublicStaff) April 21, 2016

We like to consider the UK as one of the world's great democracies, but our country regularly grinds to a halt to cheer our unelected Head of State.

Worst of all we get to watch our elected politicians celebrating the Queen's remarkable reign - forgetting she hasn't faced the elections or scrutiny they have - thankfully Republic's CEO was on hand to point this out. 

Writing in Left Foot Forward Graham took a look back on the Queen’s record in office, with a startling reminder of how monarchy curbs democracy.

This week's most read: The Queen’s 90th birthday is a reminder of how monarchy curbs democracy

— Left Foot Forward (@LeftFootFwd) April 22, 2016

In the New Statesman Graham calls for the end of the monarchy, and highlights a general shift towards republicanism of a very British nature.

Happy birthday Your Majesty - but the end of the monarchy is near:

— The Staggers (@TheStaggers) April 21, 2016

We want a referendum at the earliest opportunity but we need one when Charles takes over. The Guardian reported on the need for a referendum before Charles becomes King.

Republicans to call for monarchy referendum when Queen dies

— Guardian news (@guardiannews) April 20, 2016

There are no arguments in favour of the monarchy to beat the principle of democracy. And we can celebrate that elephant in the room every time the royals fill the headlines.

3. Tips for a long life from the Queen.

One of the weird things about the monarchy is that it makes births, birthdays, deaths and marriages matters of constitutional importance.

The BBC kindly let us in on a few of the Queen's secrets to a long life, including good genes, faith and marriage.

There's not a lot we can do to change our genes - nothing in fact - but in today's Britain it's insulting to claim that faith and marriage lead to a long life.

Celebrating the long reign is a reminder that we are celebrating an institution that hasn't changed for decades as Britain has changed enormously. The monarchy is stuck in the past and fails entirely to represent the people.

However, solid advice from the NHS for men and women to consume no more than 14 units of alcohol a week. Celebrate in moderation.

4. A chance to set the record straight.

We branded the BBC's birthday coverage as "out of touch with reality" and took every opportunity to set the record straight.

Our CEO Graham Smith was busy giving radio and television interviews on BBC 5 Live, BBC News, World Service, Talk Radio  and more, including a debate with Peter Hitchens on Radio 4 The World Tonight.

Glad to hear a representative from @RepublicStaff on BBC 5Live. Wish his arguments were taken more seriously though.

— Mic Wright ✍ (@brokenbottleboy) April 21, 2016

.@RepublicStaff has criticised @BBCNews coverage of the Queen's birthday as " out of touch with reality and public sentiment".

— Peter Hunt (@BBCPeterHunt) April 20, 2016

“We want a parliamentary democracy...with an independent Head of State…someone that represents the people” @GrahamSmith_ on @BBCNews

— Republic (@RepublicStaff) April 21, 2016

It wasn't just Republic setting the record straight, even fans of the Queen were bringing things back down to earth.

Comments from radio phone-in callers such as “we like the Queen, but when she’s gone let’s get rid of them” and “I don’t care for the rest of them, when the Queen goes it’s time we got rid of the monarchy” show that the tide is turning in favour of an elected alternative to the monarchy.

5. Trend setting with #StopTheReign.

#StopTheReign is trending! Nice work @RepublicStaff.

— Jamie Bellinger (@JamieBellinger) April 21, 2016

Last week our message was clear: a long life is not a reason for a long reign. Many agreed and we saw lots of people calling to #StopTheReign all over the internet.

It isn't too late to join in the fun. Click here to tweet your support.

6. [UPDATED!] Over 400 new members and counting!

Only good thing about #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty is that it inspires many to join @RepublicStaff in arguing for a democratic head of state!

— Ben Cookman (@CookmanBen) April 21, 2016

Oh look what I've joined...@RepublicStaff

— Adam Howden (@A_HOWDZ) April 21, 2016

For many people the birthday celebrations were the final straw, and they took the plunge to become fully fledged members of Republic - over 230 people in fact!

Republic's membership is at an all-time high - it was a Happy Birthday for us too!

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