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Last week Republic emailed about all the different things we'll be doing in 2020, to get the debate to a wider audience right across the country.  That includes the start of Republic's 

Vogue, rogue and prorogue

The country is facing the biggest constitutional crisis of a generation and the press are focussing on the big issues: Meghan Markle editing an edition of Vogue magazine.

Fat cat monarchy earns average UK salary in one hour

The monarchy earns more than the average UK worker by 00:43 on 1st January.

RSPCA 'proud' of royal patronage despite Prince Harry hunting

In the past few days there have been reports about Prince Harry and other members of the royal family enjoying hunting of wild boar and other animals in Germany and the UK.

What the Paradise Papers tell us about the Queen and Charles

The monarchy is great for the economy, the royals are above politics, or so that’s what we are regularly told. The release of the Paradise Papers, however, paints a very different picture of the Queen and Prince Charles.

Paradise Papers: Write to your MP

Republic has written to MPs calling for them to investigate the finances of the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall.

SNP votes to scrap royal funding

At their annual conference this week, the Scottish National Party backed a plan to scrap public funding of the royal family, arguing that the money should instead be spent on "the wider public good".

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Republic is launching a new push to get hundreds of new supporters signed up to the campaign.  We've been busy getting people signing up online – over 4,500 in the last two months alone - and we're asking if you’ll get involved and sign people up locally!


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