How to get rid of the monarchy

Republic's aim is simple: to achieve the abolition of the British monarchy in favour of a democratic republic.

Our campaigning priorities change over time – we might focus on royal finances, for example, or freedom of information - but we work to a broad overarching plan that helps us keep sight of our ultimate goal.

There's no point in having a rigid strategy that isn't flexible enough to respond to a changing political and social landscape – and events involving the monarchy itself. That's why we break down the path to a republic into the following five broad stages.

How long each stage takes us will depend on a number of factors but mostly it's down to people like you, people who get involved, contribute financially and provide us with a solid base of support from which to make our case.

Stage 1 - Achieved
Establishing an adequately-resourced and credible campaign, one that Britain's 12 million republicans feel they can get behind and involved in.

Stage 2 – Where we are now
Creating an active movement that shapes a wide-ranging public debate about the future of the monarchy, supported by widespread and effective local campaigns around the country.

Stage 3
Becoming a high profile, household name organisation that influences public opinion, sets the media agenda and draws active support from politicians of all parties.

Stage 4
Leading the campaign for a referendum on the monarchy, with a manifesto commitment from one or all of the main parties.

Stage 5
Our ultimate destination: a referendum resulting in a decisive 'Yes' in favour of a republic.

Why we don't stand in elections