Royal Expenses Campaign

The monarchy is expensive, very expensive. Of course it wouldn't matter if it were free; the cost to our democracy would still be too high.

But when the palace tells you the royals are "value-for-money", don't believe it - we could get much better for far less.

Our royal finances campaign raises awareness of the true cost of the monarchy, monitoring royal spending and providing accurate figures to the media, as well as challenging politicians to take action.

Actions you can take

Write to your MP about the campaign

The Royal Finances Reform Charter

Republic's Royal Finances Reform Charter proposes the following simple reforms, to improve accountability, transparency and fairness in royal finances and to appropriately assign public funds to the Treasury.

  1. Parliament to set an annual fixed budget for the monarchy - including an annual salary for the Queen - to be managed and reported on by a government department, not Buckingham Palace.
  2. All security costs to be made transparent and accountable.
  3. All costs of royal visits around the country to be incorporated into the monarchy's budget, not met by local authorities.
  4. The institution of the monarchy, and all members of the royal household, to be required to abide by the same tax laws and rules as all other public bodies and private individuals.
  5. The Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall to be fully investigated by parliament with a view to transferring them into public ownership, with all revenue going to the Treasury.
  6. The Crown Estate to be renamed 'the National Estate' and its status clarified through amendment of the Crown Estate Act.

These demands include the scrapping of the Sovereign Support Grant, a new funding arrangement introduced by the coalition government.  The new grant is set in line with the revenue of the Crown Estate - it can go up when that revenue goes up, but it can never go down, even when Crown Estate income drops.

The funding of the monarchy is a mess and needs to be brought under control. 

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