What we do

Republic works to build public support for the abolition of the monarchy and a transition to a republic.  

Much of our work is focused on the media, promoting our campaign to as wide an audience as possible. Our campaigns are regularly featured in the press and we're often asked to comment on royal stories.

Alongside our media work, we liaise with MPs and party activists to build support in parliament. If there's a piece of legislation that relates to the monarchy, we brief MPs and work with them to raise our concerns or suggestions. We also contribute to all relevant parliamentary inquiries, such as those into the honours system and the Freedom of Information Act.

We know that if we're to succeed, we must build a large, broad-based movement. We do this by promoting the campaign on social media, supporting a growing network of local campaigns and encouraging individual activism. As part of this work, we regularly give talks in schools and take part in debates in every part of the country.

To support all this – and to help us grow - we run regular membership recruitment campaigns and fundraising appeals.

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