Republican campaigners have called for a fresh debate on changing the national anthem, after press reaction to Jeremy Corbyn's decision not to sing during today's Battle of Britain commemorations.

Republic, which campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy, has previously called for God Save the Queen to be scrapped.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said today:

"Our anthem isn't that popular even with those who support the monarchy. It is dull, uninspiring and hardly mentions the nation."

"A national anthem should be about the country, not the Queen and God.  For republicans, atheists and anyone with good taste God Save the Queen is an awful song set to a funereal dirge."

"I'm as patriotic as any supporter of the monarchy, I would love it if my country's anthem wasn't offensive to my principles.  I have no doubt that's also Jeremy's Corbyn's view."

"It's wrong to accuse people of being unpatriotic for not singing God Save The Queen.  Patriotism and support for the monarchy are not the same thing."