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Your donation means a lot to us so, thank you for getting behind Republic's Duchy Law Appeal.

Have you written to your MP about the Duchy law exemption? It's easy, just visit the My MP page

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With your help we can do much more to challenge the Duchy, including:

  • Send a report on the Duchy to every MP
  • Increase and improve our social media strategy, reaching millions more people around the country
  • Launch an online advertising campaign
  • Team up with other campaigns and Duchy tenants, to work together to challenge the Duchy
  • Get legal advice on the possibility of a legal challenge against the Duchy's exemptions
  • Work with MPs, media and celebrity supporters to raise awareness
  • Promote Republic's documentary, The Man Who Shouldn't Be King, which highlights the Duchy issue
  • And loads more!

And it's not just about donating. 

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Peter Cafferkey

Chair of Republic