Thank you!

Your donation means a lot to us so, thank you for getting behind Republic's Succession Appeal.

Visit the appeal page any time to see how much has been donated so far! And don't forget to share the appeal online and with friends and family.

Here's what we can do with your support:

  • More media work
  • Rallying commentators, politicians and celebrities to our cause
  • Getting our European republican allies involved in raising the level of debate
  • Organising events and protests in the weeks and months before the coronation
  • Creating more effective social media campaigns
  • More billboards and online advertising, making a clear case for a republic
  • Work on drafting the necessary legislation for becoming a republic, to show how easy it can be.
  • And more!

This appeal will help Republic make bigger and bolder plans for when the time comes. And that time could be next week, next year or in five years. But it's going to be soon!