Placard Making and Street Stall Resources

Some Republic Local Groups, or activists may want to be able to make their own resources for protests, street stalls and other events. The image below links through a document containing a number of these, spanning from fact sheets to posters and from placards to leaflets.


Protest Image Archive

Below is a selection of Republic-licensed images from nearly every protest the group has done, from Not My King demos, to miscellaneous stunts. Just click through to view each group of photos.



Please credit the individual(s) and organisation(s) noted in the 'Licenses' text document in each folder if you intend to use these photos for commercial/journalistic use.

If you have any photographs that were taken from the Not the Royal Wedding Street Party (29/04/2011), Milton Keynes Not My King Protest (16/02/2023), Colchester Not My King Protest (07/03/2023) or Commonwealth Day Protest (13/03/2023) that you would like to offer to be part of this archive, please contact [email protected].

Iconography and Style Guide

Republic has a number of resources based on our logos and iconography. These can be found here.

Additionally, Republic also has a predefined font and colour scheme that we use on all our resources, which is listed below:

Font: League Spartan

Colour 1: Dark Grey, Hex Code #383838 

Colour 2: Yellow, Hex Code #fff60b