Campaign group Republic has welcomed calls by the Commons public accounts committee for the Duchy of Cornwall to be investigated over its tax arrangements, claiming a win in its campaign against the royals.

Republic first raised questions about the Duchy’s tax arrangements late in 2012 and subsequently lobbied the PAC for the Duchy to be included in its wider inquiry into corporation tax.

The PAC held an inquiry earlier this year, to which Republic submitted evidence which debunked all of the Duchy’s excuses for not paying tax.

Sources have said PAC chair Margaret Hodge told them she had never had so many MPs contact her about any single issue, a testament to Republic’s lobbying.

The campaign group’s chief executive, Graham Smith said today:

“We are delighted that MPs have called for a full investigation and we’ll be getting in touch with Treasury ministers, pressing them to take the committee’s advice and launch an investigation.”

“As I said when we raised this issue a year ago – Charles enjoys a well entrenched tax avoidance scheme that is unique and totally unjustified.”

“The Duchy operates like a commercial company, it should pay the same taxes as a commercial company.”

“We have systematically debunked all the poor excuses the Duchy has come up with for not paying tax – it’s time Charles stopped trying to move the goal posts and just paid his fair share.”