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BBC: Keep your royal reporting fair, balanced and accurate.

To: BBC Director General and Head of News

We petition the BBC to ensure its royal coverage is fair, balanced and proportionate, avoiding wild speculation and inaccurate claims about the royals and public opinion.

Keep your royal reporting fair, balanced and accurate.

We are calling on the BBC to ensure all its coverage of the royal family is fair, balanced and accurate.  We are asking the BBC to report, not celebrate royal events and occasions such as births and marriages.

In April and May this year the royal family will celebrate the arrival of a new baby and the wedding of Harry and Meghan. These are occasions to celebrate as a family, but they are also used as PR opportunities by the royal household, to promote the royal brand and keep critics at bay.

The BBC has a long history of getting it badly wrong with its royal reporting - it cannot make the same mistakes in 2018.