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It's time to abolish the monarchy and ensure the Queen is Britain's last monarch.

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The Harry and Meghan interview is devastating for the British monarchy. The interview confirms a lot of what we've been saying for a long time: the royal household is not fit for purpose in the modern world. It is secretive, controlling, wastes hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money every year and is bad for British politics. It's also bad for the royals. 

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It's time. We need to abolish the monarchy.

The British monarchy will always be part of our history. That doesn't mean it should be part of our future. The Queen is the last royal to command high levels of support, the following generations being mired in scandal, controversy and damaging rumour. British people now, more than ever, see themselves as citizens, not subjects. We are democrats and democracy is not a spectator sport. That means we all need to have a say in who our next head of state should be, and how we're governed. And we all need to step up and make monarchy history.

A democratic alternative

We can have a more democratic institution, a non-political but elected head of state along with a fully elected parliament. No more kings and queens, no more lords and dukes. Just citizens freely choosing who takes on the most senior jobs in the land. 

The royals do not live up to the standards we should expect of public servants. They demand secrecy, they spend more than £345m of taxpayers' money a year on their wasteful and extravagant lives, and they interfere in politics to further their own interests and promote their own political agenda. The monarchy stands against our values and principles. The Oprah interview uncovers another side of the toxic nature of monarchy: the institution is bad for the royals.

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Choosing our next head of state

There is a simple democratic alternative on offer: Elections to choose a non-political head of state with limited constitutional power. We still have a government headed by the prime minister and drawn from the House of Commons. Put simply: we take what we have and make it democratic. 

Sign the petition, get involved. Let's move on and choose our next head of state. 


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"We are calling on parliament and the prime minister to start an open, honest public debate about the future of the monarchy. We are calling for the abolition of the monarchy."

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