How do you fancy joining me on one of Republic's YouTube programmes?

I’m going to be making a new series of discussion shows, where I’m joined by a few supporters and we talk about the monarchy, republicanism, how we can make Britain’s politics better and about the campaign.

We need a diverse range of voices from a diverse range of people. It’s important everyone feels represented by Republic and able to get involved.

Each programme will feature different supporters, with everyone joining the show via Zoom. It’ll be recorded and edited, rather than live. All you need is something to say and a phone or computer that can get you on Zoom (don't worry, we'll send instructions!)

What you think, what you believe.

You don’t need to know anything about the issues, I want to know what you think, what you believe and I'll answer any questions you have about the campaign, the monarchy or the constitution.

So, if you’re interested, here’s how you take part:

Fill out the form below, tell us as much as you can and then send us a picture taken from whichever device you’ll be using. That’s just so we can advise on picture framing and quality.

We'll get in touch as soon as we can and start to schedule everyone for different recording dates and times.

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Your privacy.

All the questions are optional, the more you tell us the easier it is for us to put together diverse panels of people for each show. Not answering a question won't affect your chances of being asked to join a programme.

All answers are kept confidential. The answers are only accessed by me and data will be deleted once we've finished using it for the purposes it's been collected.

We're asking these questions because we're keen to ensure a broad range of insights and views are represented, with as many different backgrounds and ideas represented as possible. 

The questions.

We start with your postcode, so we can get a good representation of people from right around the UK. We will also ask about your views on the monarchy (in brief), and about you, including age bracket, gender and so on. As always, every question is optional!

Thank you!

Graham Smith
CEO, Republic.


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