The Man Who Shouldn't be King

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British politics is facing unprecedented pressures from all sides - demands for all kinds of change are growing louder.  Even the Queen has been dragged into the Brexit debate.

The Man Who Shouldn't be King is a powerful new documentary that spells out the risks of King Charles and why his failures are the failures of the monarchy.

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The debate is about the system, the principle and about the man who represents all that's wrong with both.

The looming succession of King Charles only makes the issue more urgent!

The land, the power and the privilege

Prince Charles receives around £20m of income from the Duchy of Cornwall.  That's a private income from state owned land.  When we spoke to Duchy tenants we heard many stories about the arbitrary and heavy handed way in which Charles manages the Duchy, and how the Duchy operates as a corporation beyond the law.

Make our message loud and clear

The documentary is a damning indictment of Charles and the monarchy.

How can it be that such a man as Charles is poised to be Britain's head of state?  It is a nonsense that in 2020 we face the prospect of a new monarch being foisted on us without a single vote being cast.

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