Members' Day 2019

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Republic's Members' Day is a chance to join the debate, find out more about what Republic has been up to and find out how you can get involved.

Tourism, Duchies, Referendums and Brexit.  All this and more at Republic's 2019 Members' Day

This year's Members' Day comes during a tumultuous time for British politics.  While we need to continue to challenge the royals at every opportunity, what does the changed political climate mean for our cause?  Come and hear about that and more, and join the debate, at the 2019 Republic Members' Day.  Here's what's happening:


Tourism: The big lie holding up support for the monarchy

Member of Republic's board and former staff, James Gray will outline the flaws in the "but it's good for tourism" claim.  Supporters say the royals bring in millions of pounds every year - but where's the proof?


Charles and the Duchy of Cornwall

Robbie Parkin, who has done a lot of Republic's research on this issue, will provide a summary of the issues and challenges represented by the Duchy of Cornwall and how Prince Charles uses it to further his interests.  You'll also get news on the forthcoming Duchy film.


Join us for lunch!

The day includes an excellent buffet lunch and refreshments


Campaign Report and How we Win the Argument in the new political climate

You'll hear from Republic's CEO, Graham Smith (pictured below left), about how we're going to continue to challenge the royals, highlight royal abuses of power and make a clear case for scrapping the monarchy.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss the long-term strategy and answer the question: how do we get rid of the monarchy!?  As we continue to review Republic's How to Win the Argument publication, there will be opportunity to contribute your thoughts to how we best challenge the royals and argue for a republic.



Brexit and our broken constitution

You'll also hear from Alexandra Runswick of Unlock Democracy (pictured above), who will tell you about how Brexit has highlighted serious flaws in our political system.  Whether you support Leave or Remain, the system isn't working for this country.  Come and find out how.


Referendums. Are they still the route to a republic?

Professor Matt Qvortrup (pictured above right) will end the day with a look at the role of referendums in the UK, lessons to be drawn from overseas and whether a referedum (or two) is the route to a republic.  Described by the BBC as 'the world's leading authority on referendums', Matthew Qvortrup is Professor of Political Science at Coventry University.



The Members' Day also includes our AGM where you can hear reports about the campaigns we've been running and our plans for the future.

[The deadline for nominations and proposals to the AGM has now passed]

March 9, 2019 11:00 AM   to   5:00 PM
NCVO Society Building
8 All Saints Street
N1 9RL
United Kingdom
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