2018 isn't a done deal.

The royals think they've already won 2018 ⏤ let's prove them wrong.
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2018 isn't a done deal.

The royals think they've already won 2018 ⏤ let's prove them wrong.

Donate £10, £20 or £35 to challenge the royal PR-machine in 2018.

The royal PR-machine is about to go into overdrive – and guess what, they think they’ve already won the battle for hearts and minds.  With a royal birth, royal wedding and Charles's 70th birthday to look forward to next year, Republic is keen to prove them wrong!

After a troubled year, the royals are planning to make a comeback in 2018.  You can help the fight to get the real story of the secretive monarchy out into the open. 


A £6,000 war-chest to fight back in 2018.

2018 will be a big year for Republic, with more battles than usual. That requires a war-chest of ideas and campaign cash.

We want to raise £6,000 to make sure we're ready, and able to react to every royal story next year. You can help by donating today.

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Royal baby - BBC bias time.

A royal baby will be born in April next year. It's fantastic news for William and Kate, but there are questions to be asked about media coverage and the rights of the child.  So Republic needs to keep pushing the message about what a royal baby means for the monarchy and for what the monarchy means for the future of the baby.

With the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, weeks of pro-monarchy media coverage - with the BBC in particular forgetting to report impartially – were matched by Republic campaigns that challenged the media spin.  We asked why the children’s future was already set in stone, and why the royals were exploiting the occasions to promote their brand.  Hundreds of new members joined as a result.

Republic needs your support to once more challenge the media bias and challenge broadcasters like the BBC to report the news - not promote the monarchy.

Donate today, and you'll be helping us to:

  • Challenging the BBC's coverage of the royal birth
  • Raise principled objections to hereditary power
  • Championing the child's rights to privacy, challenging the royal household to place the child’s wellbeing before publicity for the monarchy.

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Royal wedding - the country isn't interested.

The royal wedding is already turning into another royal PR exercise, and we’ll be up against significant pro-monarchy coverage from the BBC and other broadcasters in 2018.

Just last month a poll by YouGov showed that 52% of us are 'indifferent' to Harry and Meghan’s engagement. That’s right, you’re in the majority!

And the wedding's economic benefit - often celebrated in the media - has been shown to be a myth by the Financial Times, which found that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 actually "held back growth".

By telling it like it is, revealing the truth about public attitudes and economic impact of the royal wedding, Republic can make a real difference to the debate about the monarchy.

In 2011, at the time of William and Kate's wedding, Republic ran a large-scale national campaign, challenging the hereditary principle and the monarchy's abuse of public money.

The result? Huge media attention for the republican movement, a wide-ranging public debate about the monarchy, and a big jump in Republic's membership.

With your help today, we can stop the wedding becoming just another taxpayer funded PR exercise.

Donate today, and you'll be helping us to:

  • Push back against the media frenzy around the wedding
  • Help you complain to the BBC and other broadcasters about their coverage
  • Raise questions about the future of the monarchy
  • Campaign to challenge the cost to taxpayers

Put your money where your indifference is

AND THERE’s MORE… (we said 2018 will be busy!)


Royal finances - public opinion turning against the royals.

The monarchy costs taxpayers around £345m each year. Official funding doubled to £76.1m in 2017, and is set to rise again to £82.2 next summer.

The Paradise Papers leaks revealsed that the monarchy has been investing in offshore tax-havens, and polling the following week showed a sharp decline in royal approval ratings. The Labour party called for the Queen to open her financial records.

Less than half (44%) of those aged between 18-34 feel the UK should continue with a monarchy.

The cost of the monarchy is shifting public opinion, and with the cost to taxpayers expected to rise again in 2018, the monarchy is in real trouble!

By supporting Republic's 2017 end-off-year appeal, you can ensure we're ready to make the most of public discontent, and grow the movement into a winning campaign.

Donate today, and you'll be helping us to:

  • Raise awareness in the public and the media about royal expenses
  • Challenging the media spin as we did successfully with BBC Factcheck
  • We'll investigate Prince Philip's £359k salary - did it end when he retired in August?

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Prince Charles turns 70 - polling suggests we can stop King Charles.

The royals have a plan up their sleeve: Project70 — a plan to make Charles look like King by the time of his 70th Birthday in November. This plan is already underway, with Charles already making more and more public appearences.

Polls show only 22% of the public want Charles to be King following the Queen’s death, two-thirds of Britons prefering Prince William as our next monarch. Only 2% said Charles is their favourite member of the royal family!

The royals are worried about Charles becoming King, and they'll do anything to turn around his dire approval ratings.

So Charles's 70th birthday is set to become a PR stunt to prepare us for King Charles – we want to be at the leading edge of efforts to challenge his succession.

By supporting this appeal, you can ensure Republic is ready to take on the monarchy, media bias and efforts of the broadcasters to promote Charles as 'King in waiting'.

Donate today, and you'll be helping us to:

  • Challenge Project70 and broadcasters' role in promoting Charles
  • Talk to more people around the country about the democratic alternative to the monarchy
  • Speak to more MPs about what they can do to challenge royal costs and secrecy and to question the monarchy’s future
  • Raise awareness about Charles's lobbying - such as changing Scottish education laws
  • Develop our Coronation Strategy - putting plans in place to stop King Charles


2018 isn't a done deal! Donate today:

Don’t believe the hype – the monarchy is in trouble and next year we have lots of opportunities to challenge the royal PR-machine.  But only with your help.

The royals think they've already won 2018 ⏤ prove them wrong by donating today!

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