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Let's show MPs what the public really thinks about the royals
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Royal Wedding Opinion Poll Report

We crowdfunded £8,500 to run our own YouGov royal wedding public opinion poll - now we want to double it to send a report to MPs.

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You're helping us challenge the monarchy popularity myth.

Over 500 people helped Republic riase the funds to run an opinion poll with a professional polling company - to show what voters really think about the royals.

We crowd-funded the funds, and we've crowd-sourced the questions. Now we want to go one step further.


You helped us fund our own YouGov opinion poll - now help us publish a public opinion report.

Our public opinion poll will challenge the media spin and set the record straight about what the public really thinks of the royal wedding and the monarchy.

With your help we can publish a report and send it to every MP - all 650 of them - painting a more accurate picture of public opinion towards the monarchy, and putting forward the case for reform.

This report will be a real game changer - persuading MPs to start speaking out about this issue.

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UPDATE: The poll results are in - the UK's Royal love affair is over.

Our YouGov poll published this week shows the public's love affair with the Royal Family is at an end.

The results give a clear picture of widespread disinterest in the Royals and a lack of enthusiasm for Saturday's royal wedding.
Key findings include:

  • 66% are not interested in the Harry and Meghan wedding.

  • Most will have a normal weekend (60%) or will be working on Saturday (10%) .

  • 57% believe the Royals should pay the full cost of the wedding, including the cost of policing and security.

  • Asked if, given the choice, they would want to contribute their own taxes to the wedding, 76% said no.

The poll results have been reported worldwide, appearing in the UK in The IndependentThe ExpressThe Evening StandardiNewsDaily MailReutersMetroLeft Foot Forward and more.

The poll is the result of Republic's unique poll experiment, crowd-funding the exercise and crowd-sourcing the questions, with almost 2000 people getting involved.


Our report on your MP’s desk

What will the report include?

  • Results from our own public opinion poll
  • Polling data from past public opinion polls by YouGov, Opinium etc.
  • Our analysis, highlighting the myths around public opinion
  • Our case to MPs to support our campaign

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Happy and glorious? If public opinion about the monarchy is not what it seems, MPs need to know.

Any money we raise over the target amount will be spent on related campaigns, all aimed at ending the monarchy.

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