Royal Wedding

There should be no taxpayer funding for the royal wedding.
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Royal Wedding Appeal

We're crowdfunding £8,500 for a royal wedding opinion poll - will you help?

You can help Republic challenge the royal wedding media circus.

Will you help Republic run an opinion poll, to show what voters really think about the royals?

2018 is a busy year for the royals – and you can help us make it a big year for Republic.

Don’t let the royal PR machine win, get behind the royal wedding appeal.

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Your donation will mean Republic can:

  • Get exclusive opinion polls published, highlighting how British voters really feel about the wedding and the royals
  • Take on the royal PR machine, challenging the way they exploit personal events to sell the royal brand
  • Challenge the BBC and other broadcasters, to demand they report royal events fairly and don’t join in the celebrations.


In 2011 Republic had a big year, raising awareness of the campaign and challenging the media’s hype around the Kate and William wedding.  We raised thousands more pounds, increased our membership and got our message out to millions more people through TV and radio interviews and regular press reports.

A year later we were at it again when we challenged the Queen’s jubilee – we said sixty years in office is no cause for celebration.


And now...

This year we have two weddings, a baby and Prince Charles’s seventieth birthday.  That’s a lot of royal PR and loads of opportunities for Republic to challenge the hereditary system.

By publishing key opinion poll data we can highlight the huge gap between the media frenzy and how the British public really feel about the royal wedding - and the royals!

A big part of the problem is that the spin put out by the royal press office goes unchallenged.  We can put that right with investment in Republic's media work.

And we can challenge the broadcasters - who are duty-bound to provide fair and balanced royal coverage - to treat the monarchy seriously.  News programmes need to report, not celebrate the royals.

Donate now


£8,500 to put the record straight

You can help Republic raise £8,500 so we can put the record straight.  A donation of £15, £20, £30 or more will make all the difference.  With the right resources we can work hard to challenge royal spin and media bias - and show what the British people really think about the wedding and the royals.

Your donation will help pay for:

  • A series of opinion poll questions that will show how people feel about the royal events and the royals themselves.
  • Media work, including research, interviews, press releases, comment pieces and more, to challenge the spin put out by the well-funded royal press office.
  • Research and lobbying of the BBC and other broadcasters, to challenge them to report fairly and accurately on royal events and public opinion. 

What we want to achieve:

  • Change the way people think about major royal events.
  • Get broadcasters to improve their royal coverage and end the obvious pro-royal bias.
  • Highlight the true and complicated nature of public opinion about the royals.
  • Raise awareness of Republic and the republican cause, and the very strong case for an end to the monarchy and a renewed British democracy.

Any money we raise over the target amount will be spent on related campaigns, all aimed at ending the monarchy.

Donate now

 Royal Wedding Appeal: Donate now!

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