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Counting the cost of the monarchy
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Royal Expenses Appeal

Republic is exposing the true cost of the royals - £345m of taxpayers' money that could pay for thousands of teachers, firefighters or police.  Your donation will make the demand for change louder and clearer.


Challenging royal funding and expenses

The true cost of the royal family is a massive £345m a year - according to Republic's indepth and updated Royal Expenses report.  The royals official grant alone has jumped 145% since 2012, from £31m to £76.1m.  Add to that costs met by councils, revenue from the Duchies and unpaid tax and you can easily see how the royals cost us so much.

That £345m price tag is enough money to pay for 15,000 new teachers or 15,500 new firefighters.  17,000 new police officers could be put on the beat for the cost of Britain's head of state.

You can help Republic carry on challenging the cost of the royals and the royals' abuse of public money.

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Republic’s own investigations show how the monarchy costs the taxpayer £345m a year - funding private travel, accomodation and lifestyles.

And the truth is - there is no payback, no money from tourism or trade we wouldn't get anyway.

Republic's new and updated report, Royal Expenses: Counting the cost of the monarchy, tells the truth about the cost of the royals.  It spells out how much the real figures add up to, and how much more we lose from having a monarchy.

This report is put together with the support of people like you, who want to see the royals challenged head on.  Your donation will help keep the challenge going.


An abuse of public money

We all know the cost of the royals isn’t the real issue – it is a symptom of a secretive and unaccountable monarchy.  The blatant abuse of public money is an opportunity to challenge the monarchy head on, get MPs and media talking about the issue and raise the profile of the campaign.

And that's public money that could be spent on over-stretched public services.  For £345m a year we could employ:

  • 15,000 new teachers; or
  • 15,500 new nurses; or
  • 15,500 new firefighers; or
  • 17,000 new police officers.

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Republic has a track record on this issue

Republic has successfully campaigned on this issue in the past – our estimate of the true cost has been given widespread coverage and is often quoted by the press.  In recent years we’ve prompted MPs to investigate royal tax avoidance.

We need to do more and we need your support!


£3,000 to investigate and expose royal expenses

Republic's own report has just been launched - the result of investigations work done by staff and volunteer investigators.

We need to do much more investigations work, we need to do more work with the media to expose and highlight this issue.

Your donation will help pay for:

  • Investigations work into royal abuse of public money
  • Work Republic does with MPs to raise the issues in parliament
  • Media campaigns to raise the issue in the press
  • Support for local campaigns, including new Royal Expenses leaflets

What we want to do:

  • Investigate royal funding in more detail, expose the routine abuse of public money by the royals.
  • Work with MPs on promoting changes to royal funding, including greater exposure of spending.
  • Develop new media campaigns that get this issue into the headlines time and again.
  • Make more leaflets, resources and training available to local campaigners, so they can campaign on this issue up and down the country.
  • Tie this issue into our ongoing Royal Secrets campaigns.

Any money we raise over the target amount will be spent on related campaigns, all aimed at ending the monarchy.

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Making more noise

Before we can make politicians listen we need to get this issue raised time and again in the media.  We did that with Charles's tax avoidance and we regularly respond to royal expenses stories in the press.

We need to do much more and we can, with your support.

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Any donation - whether £1 or £100 - will help Republic hit the £3000 target - so please donate today!


It's not just about donating

We need donations - but if you want to do more, or if you can't make a financial contribution there are other things you can do:


Royal Expenses Appeal: Donate now!

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