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About Republic

Republic is a membership-based pressure group campaigning for the abolition of the monarchy and its replacement with a directly elected head of state.

We represent all of Britain's republicans, bringing the case for a republic to a wider audience while scrutinising the actions of the royal household. We are strictly non-party political and have the support of over 80,000 republicans.

We are a democratic organisation, led by our members and underpinned by a set of core principles.  We are an inclusive movement, with members and supporters from across the political spectrum and from a diverse range of backgrounds.


What We Want

We want to see the monarchy abolished and the King replaced with an elected, democratic head of state. 

In place of the King, we want someone chosen by the people, not running the government but representing the nation independently of our politicians.

Hereditary public office goes against every democratic principle.

And because we can’t hold the King and his family to account at the ballot box, there’s nothing to stop them abusing their privilege, misusing their influence or simply wasting our money.

Meanwhile, the monarchy gives vast arbitrary power to the government, shutting voters out from major decisions affecting the national interest.  The King can only ever act in the interests of the government of the day and does not represent ordinary voters.

The monarchy is a broken institution. A head of state that’s chosen by us could really represent our hopes and aspirations – and help us keep politicians in check.

Replacing the monarchy with a democratic alternative - an elected head of state - will make a real difference to the country. It will create a fairer, more equal nation, where no single family is judged on a different level to the rest of us, a nation where any child can aspire to be our head of state, instead of a privileged few born into the line of succession.

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