Republic wants to see as many people as possible protesting in London on May 6. This is where the eyes of the world will be. Of course, we understand that not everyone will be able to make it. This Action Pack is for you.

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Want to do more?

This Action Pack provides resources and ideas so you can do more where you live.

It contains:

  • Resources to download and print out.
  • Ideas for republican activities.
  • Fun resources to liven your anti-coronation BBQ or garden party.

Whatever you do or organise, make sure to share details and updates on social media under the hashtags #NotMyKing and #AbolishTheMonarchy. We'll reshare them, showing the world the great campaigning British republicans are doing!



Not My King A3 Poster
Not My King A4 Poster
Signup Form (Email Supporters)
Bunting Templates


Ideas for Activities

Street Stall

Street stalls are a great way to both promote Republic as an organisation and to have engaging conversations with the general public surrounding anti-monarchist ideals. Simply find a place where you'd like to set up a stall (Making sure to enquire with your local council whether you can set up in the area beforehand), print out a bunch of our posters and sign-up forms, along with purchasing a batch of our stickers and leaflets from the Republic shop and you're ready to go! If you're a little worried about having conversations about republicanism with members of the public, have a read of our page The Truth About The Royals, which gives some great insights and factoids that can guide your conversations. We also have the document How to talk about Republic, which gives easy guide to explaining our aims and positions to the general public.


Window Posters

If you're looking for a slightly more hands-off activity that still showcases a commitment to republicanism, you can print out some of our posters and stick them in your windows. Make sure to distribute some to friends and family as well!


Republican Street Party

We know that some will participate in street parties during the Coronation, but why not flip this concept on its head and host a republican street party instead? Print off some more posters and make some bunting (Just attach the cut-out templates for bunting to string and you're pretty much ready to go). Hey, there's even a great song you can play and chant along to - You're Not My King by Tim Broadbent and Rick Preston!


Good luck and have fun!


Additional Information for Signup Forms

If using an attached signup form, use it only to enroll people onto our mailing list. If a member of the public would like to join, tell them to scan the QR code at the bottom of the form.