What information do you hold and what do you do with it?

Wed, 2017-09-13 14:55 -- Anonymous

Whose information do you hold?

  • Republic holds limited information about anyone who has added themselves to our emailing or mailing list (whether you did that on our website, by post or some other way), or who has opted to become a member of Republic (including lapsed members).
  • Republic also holds data on anyone who has expressed an interest in volunteering, served on Republic’s board, ordered anything from the online shop, attended a Republic event where registration was required or who has communicated with us via a form on the Republic website.

What information do you hold?

  • This data will typically include your name, address (where you have completed a financial transaction), email address, phone number and history of interaction with Republic, which includes responses to surveys and emails, attendance at events, donations and membership subscriptions.
  • Republic does not receive or retain any banking or credit/debit card information, except where payments are made by post or over the phone, in which case all details will be securely destroyed immediately after the payment has been processed.

How safe is it? Who sees it?

  • All the information you give us is held on Republic’s supporter database, which is secure, password protected and which is accessed only by trained staff and volunteers working from Republic’s own computers. 
  • Some data will be exported in a spreadsheet format and stored on a PC or hard drive for a limited purpose and limited time.  All electronic devices used to store data are password protected and encrypted (meaning it can’t be hacked) and data is only available to individuals on a need-to-access basis.

What’s the legal basis for holding and using this information?

  • We rely on our legitimate interest as justification for holding and processing this data - in that we’re a membership/supporter based organisation that needs to know who its supporters are.
  • For sending any kind of electronic communication (email, text) we rely on your consent, which you can give or withdraw at any time. 
  • We rely on Republic’s legitimate interest when communicating with Republic’s members and supporters by post.  As a membership organisation we need to be able to write to our members, to ensure they are aware of their membership status and of any decisions, general meetings or rights they may wish to exercise as a member.  However, every time we write to you by post you will be given the opportunity to opt-out of further postal communication.
  • Where we believe data has been retained without your consent we will endeavor to take all necessary steps to remove or restrict the use of that data and/or obtain your consent (where we think it was your intention to give it).
  • Republic also holds some ‘special category’ sensitive information such as race, political views, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.  This data is collected on the basis of explicit consent (you are under no obligation to provide it, can freely choose to give or not give the data and can request it be deleted at any time). 
  • Most special category information is collected solely for the purposes of monitoring the diversity of Republic’s membership and supporter base.  Political allegiance data is also used to allow us to communicate tailored messages to people with shared interests.
  • Most special category information will be stored in an anonymous format, so any such data you provide will not be recorded against your name.  Political allegiance and opinion data will be stored against your personal record, as it is used for communication purposes.
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