How long do you keep my details for?

Thu, 2017-11-30 12:50 -- Anonymous
  • Republic will retain your data indefinitely unless it is identified as being of no further use (although you have the right to ask us to delete your data at any time – see below).  This is so we can retain historical records of membership levels, patterns and income/financial records.  This will help us understand and evaluate our strategies and methods as well as gain an appreciation for the long-term trajectory of Republic’s position.
  • The indefinite retention of data applies to current members and supporters as well as those who have opted out of communications or whose membership has lapsed.  This means if you cancel your membership or unsubscribe from Republic’s emails we’ll continue to retain your data.  This is to allow for proper management of our records and to guard against accidental re-subscribing of email addresses.
  • Once a year we will delete data if it has no practical purpose and no historic research value and which has been on our database for more than five years.
  • Data sent to Republic’s archives will be retained indefinitely, unless deletion is requested by the data subject.
Really stupid way to sort these: