Republic has today repeated previous calls for an urgent review of royal finances after it was revealed Prince Charles's travel costs have doubled over the past two years. Charles continues to pay considerably less tax than might be expected, just £4m from an income of over £18m. Republic has also criticised the prince for cynically exploiting charity as a way of deflecting criticism and scrutiny of his spiralling costs. Republic chief executive Graham Smith said today: "Year on year prince Charles continues to spend more public money on travel, much of which is for personal trips." "At a time when the country is facing sweeping cuts to public spending Charles Windsor wilfully helps himself to whatever travel funds he wants or feel he needs." "This 'something-for-nothing' culture in the royal household must end. Where the government requests a royal makes an official trip the costs must be met directly by the relevant department. All other royal travel should be paid for by the royal family. Charles must not be free to spend whatever public money he likes when he likes." "His claim to have raised over £100m for charity is absurd and cynical in equal measure. That figure is simply the total income of all the charities he is connected to, many of which are little more than lobbying firms for the prince's political agenda." "Prince Charles gives little back to the country yet has a deeply held sense of entitlement when it comes to accessing public funds. We believe time is long overdue that the government brought royal spending under proper control."


The official report from Clarence House has been released today and can be found at The 2011 report is at

Republic has recently launched a campaign for the abolition of the Duchy of Cornwall, arguing that it is a public asset and should not be passing its revenue to prince Charles.