Big things are happening, can you help?

18 October 2019

Republic wants to make 2020 a big year for Republic.  Can you help?

Thanks to a great response to Republic's Where You Live appeal, which has so far raised almost £5000, we'll be announcing a programme of events across the UK, starting in January in Douglas, Isle of Man. Dates and details will be announced next week.

You can still donate to the appeal, so we can do more events and get to more people where you live.  Visit for more info.

Duchy film is here

The long-awaited documentary is now finished and will be launched in the New Year.  Trailers and details of The Man Who Shouldn't be King will be out very soon.  A huge thank you to everyone who donated adn contributed to the film.

We will be using many of the events around the country to hold screenings of the film.  We're still working on wider distribution.  If you have experience in distributing and promoting documentary films and want to get involved please get in touch.

You can also donate to Republic's film project, to fund distribution and promotion, by visiting  Will you donate £35 to help Republic get the film to a huge new audience?

We're recruiting

Republic's board is keen to recruit a number of new directors, and we're particularly keen to increase the number of women and BAME directors.  

If you think you might be interested please email Graham Smith at for more information.  Please supply a phone number and your full name plus any relevant information about yourself.

New chair and treasurer needed

Our current chair, Robbie Parkin, will be stepping down from the role in the near future.  The board is interested in hearing from anyone with relevant experience who might be interested in stepping into his shoes.  

Likewise we need a new treasurer.  You don't need to be an accountant but we are looking for someone with experience as a treasurer in a similar non-profit or charitable organisation.

For all expressions of interest please email Graham Smith at or call him on 07747 608 770.

A louder voice in 2020

2020 will also see a renewed focus on getting the debate to a wider audience through a number of initiatives.  we'll be starting a series of short videos, easily shareable on social media, as well as articles, more media work and an increased social media presence.

We're also investigating the feasibility of launching a new democracy podcast.  As always, the help of skilled and highly motivated volunteers is always needed and appreciated.

And finally

We're really excited by how many people have taken up the chance to become life members.  If you are interested in life membership visit the website at

You can also promote membership and the campaign to your friends and family, by sharing this page on social media or forwarding it by email.

Republic relies on volunteers, donations, members and a lot of hard work to keep going.  

2020 is going to be a big year. How can you help?